Our Raisin washing installations mean almost 100 years of experience


Then:   a machine made from steal with belt drive, especially constructed for cleaning of raisins and currants.
Today: modern specialized machinery made of stainless steel with a capacity up to 2000 kg/h.

The original washing machine has emerged into an installation with different components:

Breaking-units (Declumpers)

Washing machines
Metal detectors
Vibration gutters
Weighing systems

With our installations you can improve your standard of hygiene and increase your output.


Raisin washing installations are used in the baking-, chocolate- and muesli industry. Factories in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland are working successfully with these installations.


Most of the raisins have to be washed before using them, and the fruits have to be separated from stones, stalks and other redundancies. The fruits collect approx. 1,5 - 3 % humidity in the washing process, which mostly is acceptable.



For the Muesli-industry we deliver cleaning-units which work dry.


Actually the machines almost need no service and will operate durable without any problems due toe material used (stainless steel) and a solid construction. Each of the installations is produced separately and special requests can always be taken in consideration.


At a higher capacity than 400 kg/h we suggest to combine the washing machine with a breaking-unit (declumper). The raisin blocks can be placed on the conveyor of the breaking-unit. The declumper breaks the fruits blocks slowly and carefully, and then transports the fruits into the washing chamber of the washing machine.


This installation can be combined with a vibration gutter to get a better result of declumping.



With higher capacities the installation can be more automated which actually is a nessecity.  



Declumper cap. up to 700 kg/h


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Declumper cap. up to 1500 kg/h


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Breaking-unit with vibration gutter en weighing system cap. 1500 kg/h


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